About E-Medicus

Privately held Swiss company E-Medicus AG was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 2007. As one of the first ventures of its kind in Europe, in 2011 E-Medicus successfully brought entirely cloud-based and secure digital health solutions to market. After achieving its initial goal of rapidly disseminating the platform on the pilot market of Switzerland, E-Medicus is now swiftly broadening its offering with innovative global solutions for hospitals, physicians, patients, insurers, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.​

In 2015, important partnership agreements with such leading enterprises as T-Systems, Swisscom and Novartis Pharma, have been signed in order to promote E-Medicus' transition from a local to a global player.​

The aim of E-Medicus digital health solution, which can easily be implemented internationally thanks to its IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) framework, is to cluster data streams and to involve the various stakeholders in the healthcare sector in order to further improve the quality of patient care.​

This should be of immediate benefit to patients and, at the same time, generate substantial cost savings within healthcare systems.

About Our Practice Software

E-Medicus provides the first Swiss Cloud-solution for single practices, group practices and physicians' networks in partnership with Swisscom Health AG. Our modular system is your complete ehealth solution that encompasses the whole workflow, from scheduling and activity recording to billing and electronic documentation.

About docdok.health

docdok.health is a cloud-based, easy to use digital health platform that facilitates patient-centric healthcare management as well as clinical trials. It includes patient’s real world data and allows physicians to act on them.
docdok.health is used internationally either as stand-alone or plug-in solution for hospital- und private practice software and entails a web-based portal for physicians as well as iOS and Android apps for patients.
docdok.health adresses all stakeholders in healthcare. It provides solutions for patients, physicians, clinics, research institutions, insurances and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Team

Ulrich Muehlner

CEO E-Medicus

Jonathan Battegay

Head of Business Development

Yves Nordmann

Founder & CMO E-Medicus

Tomi Schütz



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